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May 19th, 2008, 01:02 PM   #1
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Sumsets in Pari/GP

I was looking for an efficient way to calculate sumsets. The sumset A + B is {a + b: a in A, b in B}; A + B could have up to #A * #B elements, though it could also have fewer than #A + #B elements. (Here #X denotes the length of X.)

I'm using an interpreted programming language which is domain-specific for math, Pari/GP. The code isn't too hard to follow -- it looks like C or JavaScript, though it's #X instead of X.length or the like. I have a description of the algorithm below; I'm looking for an elegant way to improve it.

Here's the code I'm using at the moment:

	v=vector(#a * #b);
			v[(i-1)*#b+j] = a[i] + b[j]
The code takes two vectors of arbitrary size and returns a sorted vector.
  • Create a blank vector v to hold the elements.[/*:m:2tgf291h]
  • Assign to each vector element a sum[/*:m:2tgf291h]
  • Remove duplicates by casting to a set (slow: turns numbers to strings!)[/*:m:2tgf291h]
  • Cast from back to numeric form (slow)[/*:m:2tgf291h]
  • Sort the vector (relatively slow)[/*:m:2tgf291h]
Any ideas on improving this?
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