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October 14th, 2011, 09:22 AM   #1
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Change how many % does the up/down volume button jump

Hello ;]
I know that this question isn't very important nor many people have thought of that issue.. but I find it a little bit irretating. question is : Are there settings (if yes - where are located) for adjusting how many bars does the volume change when pressed the up/down? volume button. For example when I press the up/down? volume button the volume raises or decrease?s with 2 % from the 100 % maximum.I would like to change it to lets say? 10 % ..

The model of my laptop is A500-1C0.I am sure that this function though (if it exist) could be reached in the same way on many other models.My operating system is Windows 7 Home.

Thank you in advance.
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November 18th, 2011, 12:49 AM   #2
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Re: Change how many % does the up/down volume button jump

Hello, bit of a problem with your question
The answer is it jumps to a volume vnext where vnext/vnow is say 1.4
The advantage of doing it THAT way is then ALSO when we REDUCE the volume back again we get back to where we started.

A LINEAR scale (like 2% of vmax) is no good. Much too LOUD at low volumes.
The steps should be a geometric series, not linear (arithmetic)

Because hearing IS nonlinear sound is measured in Bells (factors of ten more power each step)
As whole Bells (like whole metres) are sometimes inconveniently big, we split them into tenths and call them dB
Log10 of 2 is 0.3010. So 0.3 Bells = 3 dB
3db is twice the power as before and -3db is half the power.
1 db changes are hard to notice at all. Power changes of cube root of 2 (less than 30%)
The loudest we can hear (without destroying our ears) is 100dB louder than the softest hearable (call that 0 dB).
In your quiet and peaceful HOME, already there is so much "background noise" it drowns out anything softer than say 30 dB"
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