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January 23rd, 2011, 07:49 PM   #1
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Hello & badly needed Laptop buying advice.

Hi everyone.

I'm looking for advice thought I'd ask here hoping it's more intelligent than the dedicated hardware ones(they aren't very. shouldn't be hard.) Plus I can probably use this later as I'm going into math to do programming in part. Don't worry my expectation are a lot lower than on a hardware forum and in the off topic. 8) Just hoping I can actually get a little helpful advice. I'm desperate so I'm asking here and it looked nicer. I figure it's probably true(or a decent chance) you will know more since you aren't specifically advertising for it as it goes now a days. 8p

I'm trying to get Laptop for school. I'm looking for specific things and have been asking for info on the specific options available. Those are: 3D, Widi(or similar affect both wireless and not), Long battery life( saw something about turning off components to heavily increase battery life like with dedicated vid cards etc. Can't find the name for it. Switching, or something like that?), and listening to random media and stuff for classes like a music class i have. Need to be able to do it in school) And looking for some other questions for a laptop buy. Wasn't sure if this fit in components section since they were all specific so I put it in here.

I have an older plasma HDTV and was looking to use it with my laptop to use it in my room for homework to free myself from the desktop and the little room with it. So I'm looking for stuff on desktop replacement and similar. But was wondering if anyone could specifically help on the features I'm looking at. I'm not finding or don't have the time to find the ins and outs of them ATM. Like which cord gives the ideal signal to the display etc. Or what the problems with the widi or what alternatives exist etc. Especially if you know what that feature is to turn down the power on components. I think it needed both on board and dedicated video. Not sure. Has anyone heard of it? or is it common now on laptops? Some post I saw somewhere said it could take a 2 hour laptop time and extend it to like 8 hours. I started looking at stuff like the toshiba satelite a665 or the bigger gaming/desktiop repl asus stuff. I'm trying to hook it to a sanyo DP42647 for gaming and homework/typing.

Thanks if you can help. Not sure if this is in the right forum. Trying to find some advice. None else seems to be able to help. Struggling to find anything but add jargon. The reviews all turn out to be adds too. Nothing neutral or not enough of them are at least.
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