1. S

    Computer Science Question.

    This is the question on my homework. 1) An include guard, typically in the form of: #ifndef _SomeClass_Included_ #define _SomeClass_Included_ // Class declaration here #endif Is used to prevent a header file from being included twice in the same implementation file. What happens if a...
  2. C

    Little Man Computer question

    trying to write a program for school. the program is supposed to do the following: Write a program that takes an input value (for example, a number 5). The output should be sum of all numbers from 1 to the value input by the user (in this example, the output would be 1+2+3+4+5 i.e. 15) what I...
  3. R

    Building a Computer with Quad Display

    I am looking to build a custom computer from scratch. I know all of the components that are needed but i do know know which types will best suit my needs. I am wanting to run four displays and will mostly be using it for buisness purposes. I will also be doing a lot of CAD design for which i...
  4. S

    Dude Help To Fix My Computer,Complaints of MSVCR80.dll error

    My Greeting to all the Dude..... I am new in this community. I am looking for the way I can fix my computer. For this I need help from the experts in this community who can help me to fix my complaints. I have installed outlook in my computer. Now as soon as I am starting outlook I am getting...
  5. T

    MCA is Equivalent to ME Computer Engineering M.Tech

    Masters is always MORE and HIGH VALUE than a Bachelors. It’s really very Wrong to Compare BE / Btech to MCA, because, as you all know that BE / Btech is NOT Eligible for doing Ph.D (CS/IT), as MCA degree is Eligible for Ph.D The Person, Who Compare BE / Btech to MCA should study about the...
  6. D

    Tv won't detect computer after switching power supply?

    Okay well I had my samsung tv as my computer monitor for about a month then a power out fried my power supply for the computer and I got it fixed I replaced the power supply and got a surge protector, now when I plug my computer into my tv the tv says "mode not supported the resolution is not...
  7. julien

    Certification Computer Graphics / Web graphic design

    Is there some kind of IT certificate in web design (such as certificates in IT security and web programming languages e.g. the Zend Certification) ? Not that this would be very relevant (you usually judge a graphic design professional on his work portfolio) but that would at least mean that this...
  8. C

    Little Man Computer

  9. L

    Computer Logics and Digital Design: Operational Pair Grading

    Objectives *Use of Boolean Algebra and/or Karnaugh Maps for Simplifications *Multiple smaller system that builds a large system *5 or more inputs that allows for mathematical process for simplifications *Decoder *Adder/Subtracter *Storage Medium (Flip-Flops) *Sequential Circuits (Timing...
  10. S

    computer architecture

    Write a program in the machine language that subtracts the value stored at A1 from the value stored at address A0 and places the result at address A2. Assume that the values are encoded in two’s complement notation.
  11. S

    computer architecture

    Write a program in the machine language that places 0s in all memory cells from address A0 through Co but is small enough to fit in memory cells from address 00 through 13 (hexadecimal)
  12. T

    computer studies > computer engineering

    Hello computer geniuses, I am presently a CS student, I would like to be a computer engineer in the future, curiously, what topics or subjects should i start studying on ?? if there is a computer engineer here, pls answer my question, that would be of great help, thank you!!!
  13. G

    I asked my Grandson what he'dlike a computer to do

    He said "A Jigsaw" All help gratefully received Step 1: Draw two pieces Step 2: Move them Step 3: Orient them and flip them over Step 4: Use YOUR brain to see if they CAN be fitted or not Step 5: WHY cannot the computer do that! Step 6: How to help the computer where to start and how to learn...
  14. J

    Part 3 is missing in my computer

    Hi everyone, Can anyone please tell me Communication part 3 is missing in my computer and how i can recover ? Jimmy
  15. G

    Dell computer issues

    Error in system32 is the main reason behind the various types of issues you have to face.
  16. D

    Which internet and home computer Anti virus is the best?

    If you read reviews, past and current, you will find there really is no best. What you will find is that there are those, both paid for, and ones that offer free versions, that constantly rank in the top 5 to 10. Many will suggest giving several different ones a try. One at a time of course...
  17. J

    Little Man Computer language

    Hi everyone, Need help with this LMC programming question, am really stuck.Thank you for all your help & support. Based on the LMC concepts and workings that you learned, write an assembly program that i)Takes in and compares two numbers ii)Output zero if the numbers are same. iii)Output...
  18. C

    New to forum am n00b with computer science

    Hello there fellow forum members i am cyber snake a white hat hackeri am currently learing php, css, html, java, and batch. I look foward to discussing these topics in the future on this forum :). PS. sry for the big image idk how to shrink it...
  19. J

    Why can't my computer power up?

    Hello everyone! I bought a laptop from ... c-252.html three years ago but hadn't used them since the last year. Then I found I even can't power them up a few days ago. Who can tell me the reason? Thank you!
  20. A

    Computer disposal specialist

    As a leading technology recycler, ITGREEN understands the issues created around the world by inadequate recycling. Much of the UK's IT waste will find itself packed up and containerised on a ship heading for developing countries. Computer Recycling