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    Solution for recovery of formatted FAT disk?

    I am seeking for software to regain my text documents from accidentally formatted Windows PC FAT hard disk partition. I don't know how i can regain all files lost from formatted FAT disk. I just need your suggestion to get back my documents. Is there any program for FAT disk recovery?
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    Generate a formatted word document

    Hi, I work as an English Teacher in China and I am looking for a more convenient way to make homework to let the kids take away. I have to make a dozen different homeworks every week using Microsoft Word, and it is a little tedious. I have used a site that is programmed to generate documents in...
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    Reading formatted text in C#

    Hello everybody. I've just been wondering if you know how to read some data from a text file that's formatted in a certain way? For example, if I have a text file that looks like this: 125621 11212 333542 3354 999433 22211 how would one load this? Also, I should get a numerical...