1. S

    Google Maps and Web Apps

    Hello, this is my first time posting to this forum. I'm relatively new to coding, and would greatly appreciate any help you could supply me with. Q. I'm working with an online web app development tool called 'TheAppBuilder': From what I understand, with the...
  2. julien

    Disappearing of Google Reader

    As you might have read already, Google Reader is scheduled to shut down on July 1rst (Sitepoint is discussing this issue at: Are there any equivalent good RSS feed software out there ? Which one would you recommend to replace Google Reader ...
  3. J

    How do you search in Google?

    I know this questions seems so funny. Everyone knows how to search in Google, but for SEO Guru's accurate search is the most important thing. Suppose, your boss told you to give him a list of upcoming IT fair which will be held in Abudhavi. So how can you search and create the data for him ? :D
  4. julien

    Traffic from Google users encrypted by default

    You've probably read recently that traffic coming from Google users who are logged in to their Google accounts will be encrypted from now on (SSL encryption). The natural consequence will be that we, as webmasters, won't be able to see which keywords drove traffic to our websites. Estimations...
  5. julien

    Google tweaking search algorithm for fresh content

    Google has been implementing a tweak in its search algorithm that (assumedly) affects 35% of all search results. The idea would be to give priority to fresh web content (recently updated or related to very current topics) in order to to counter the Facebook effect (people searching on Facebook...
  6. M

    Impact of Google's Panda algorith on web traffic

    Hey ppl do you know what was the impact of Google's Panda algorithm on web traffic in general ? Google said that this algorithm update should affect no more than a few percents of all websites but do we know the specifics of this algo update ? Were your websites impacted adn do you have any clue...
  7. julien

    Google Chrome's market share

    If you ever wondered about the evolution of Google Chrome's market share since its introduction in 2009 (late 2008), then have a look at the picture attached below. This shows the evolution of Google Chrome's market share on my websites since the beginning of 2009 (considering that my websites...
  8. K

    google adsense help!!

    hey, i have a great interest in earning money by writing blogs.One such way is google ad sense.I write a blog in blogspot and my content is not specific or dedicated to one varies on a large scale from my day to day experience to cricket to conferences i attend or a vacation i...
  9. S

    Google Chrome OS

    Google has released its OS, but I heard it has a lot of issues (not necessarily bugs). Any opinions?