1. J

    Internet Service Provider in Sydney

    Somebody knows any good internet service provider in Minto Sydney. Whose charges will be minimum but should have good quality.
  2. julien

    What The Industrial Internet is

    Great article and great concept ... industrial internet must be a subset of the Artificial Intelligence field ?
  3. K

    Surfing on the Internet in an airplane

    Is it possible to surf on the Internet during a flight? I know that it must be possible for airlines to offer such a service because the technique is ready for action but I found nothing here about Internet in an airplane. Have heard something about this?
  4. D

    Which internet and home computer Anti virus is the best?

    If you read reviews, past and current, you will find there really is no best. What you will find is that there are those, both paid for, and ones that offer free versions, that constantly rank in the top 5 to 10. Many will suggest giving several different ones a try. One at a time of course...
  5. G

    Which OS is batter for internet use?

    I am using Win XP. I also have installed an anti-virus called AVG (free version). I think Linux provides more security and advance features.
  6. C

    Which is the best security tool available on internet?

    Hello everybody, I just wanted to ask which do you think is the best security tool available on the internet that I should use. I am currently using Bit Defender Total Security 2010 which I think is the best for now, if you think that I'm wrong and I should change to some another program then...