1. J

    Programming java and c++

    I am interested in computer science and in January 2019 am enrolling at a university for the Computer science. My question is: how can i be good at programming in Java and C++? Thanks Sent from my Phantom6-Plus using Tapatalk
  2. julien

    Practicing Object-Oriented programming

    Hello all, I am going through the book "PHP Objects, Patterns, and Practice" by Matt Zandstra in order to hone my PHP OO skills. Even though I can see the utility of PHP Classes and Objects, I am still struggling to use those in my projects. I would therefore like to ask all of the OO...
  3. julien

    Facebook Programming Contest

    Has anyone here tried Facebook programming challenges (aka Facebook programming puzzles). They use these in order to recruit people and assumedly some of them are quite hard. What do you think ? Did you get recruited cracking one of these programming puzzles ?
  4. F

    Programming with VB 2010

    I was wondering if anyone had access to the solutions manual for the fifth edition of the book by Gaddis?
  5. A

    Operating Systems you use in Programming

    Hi guys! I'm conducting a survey about osperating systems and programming I really need respondents. Can you please answer my survey? It will only take a minute. here's the link: Thank you very much!!
  6. S

    Best Programming Language for Mathematics?

    I am trying to make a quick program right now. It goes as follows, pick two random real numbers between 0 and 1 (call them x and y). Then compute (1 - (xy/2))/(xy/2). Do this algorithm 10000 times or so, and compute the average or Expected Value. Any tips?
  7. cryptoxic

    Optimization problem Recursion/Dynamic programming

    Dear friends, There is an optimization program I am writing. I have to write it in 3 different ways. Dynamic approach, recursive approach and memoization+recursive approach. I wrote the codes for each, they all compiled. According to my prof, the algorithms I chose were poor, and do not...
  8. M

    Programming course for beginner

    Hi I am Nata. I want do a course in IT specially in programming. Kindly suggest me which course shall I take up.
  9. B

    Programming a license mechanish under Linux OS

    Hello! My thesis advisor and his development team have designed a nice software for ray tracing in computational geophysics and they are interested in commercialize it for government companies, so he (my advisor) asked me about the license mechanism of software products. He would like to know...
  10. C

    Getting object-oriented programming right!

    I'm trying to do something right in object-oriented programming. It's easy enough to come up with a bad, "non-object-oriented" solution, but I don't want to break the paradigm: it's appropriate, and also there's something to be said for using a language as it's intended. The problem is one of...
  11. J

    Studying some programming this summer

    I will try to learn more C++, and I will probably need some help frou you guys.
  12. C

    Fun with programming

    What do these do? Forth: : mystery DUP DUP * * DUP DUP * DUP * * ; Given n, calculates n^15. C: const int MAGIC = 1689570158; int mystery(byte n) { if (n&1) return (1 << (n >> 1)) & MAGIC; else return n == 2; } Checks if n is a small prime number (works through 64). Feel free...
  13. J

    C++ Programming Question

    (sorting three character) Write a program that sorts three characters. The characters are entered from the console and stored in variables ch1, ch2, and ch3, respectively. The program sorts the numbers so that ch1 >= num2 >= num3. I need help on this one. Please show the solutions in C++...
  14. J

    C++ Programming on srand and rand functions

    Okay, I tried to write a program where the compiler shows any random number between 10 and 20. But, it does not work somehow. #include <iostream> #include <ctime> #include <cstdlib> using namespace std; int main() { srand(time(0)); int i = rand() % 20 - 10; cout...
  15. J

    Percentage of Programming involved of Maths

    Personally, I would say 40%.
  16. julien

    Mixed-integer linear programming

    Hello, I know about linear programming (the simplex algorithm, etc ...) but I fail to know what is meant by mixed-integer linear programming. In my supply chain management class, the professor distinguishes between the two without explaining the difference. He actually talks about "mixed...
  17. J

    What's your favorite programming language?

    Personally, I would choose C++. I think C++ gives the programmer a lot of options to programming stuff that they need to do.