1. B

    Is their good 'free' guitar emulation software?

    Not a computer guy but would like to learn Sent from my Z956 using Tapatalk
  2. J

    help me for finding gboxapp software

    I am new internet user but old computer user. I see many forums with keyword gboxapp but I need to download this software now. Where I can get this software?
  3. P

    Did you used this software previously

    Hello, I want to build an own application but I am not really experienced in programming. I found the following site quite useful ( It says that with the help of an SDK called Ozeki VoIP SIP SDK call center applications, webphone etc. can be developed. I have also...
  4. B

    Competitions about software development

    There are international software competitions(computer science) in the world? For example: you build a software, then you present to jury, or to create a software in the competition, in 24, 48, or more hours. It doesn't matter if is for high school/ university/ etc... I know about Intel ISEF...
  5. D

    A software that i made

    I am sure most of you know the situation where you get a special link to a website, and if people click the link, you get somt?in.. I made program in C# called LoveThatLink. Using this program you can send your's link to all the computers that also has LoveThatLink. The link will be opened on...
  6. L

    Monitoring software is need

    Actually no free software out there,but some software will provide three months to free trial. If you think it's good,you can buy,if you don't like it,you may change another one.I know a staff monitoring may try
  7. G

    Better software to recover HD data?

    Currently my HD has corrupted with an electric shook. There was a very important data. what is better and fast data recovery tool you use?
  8. R

    Software Projects

    please help me about connect oracle and mysql without using sqlloder
  9. M

    AI talking software?

    hi any one know about any AI talking software?
  10. M

    data recovery software?

    hey which is batter & good data recovery tool you have use?
  11. F

    recommend software plz

    Hi One of my clients is concerned that his teenage son is up to no good, been hanging out and talking to strange individuals and has been very secretive about his dealings n Face book. Is there a way to monitor his face book or get the password with a keyloger? Can somebody recommend one I...
  12. julien

    Software for md5 / sha checksum

    I am currently duplicating some of my data backups (copying whole external hard drives) and I was wondering whether there exists a good freeware in order to realize md5 checksums (or sha checksums) on whole external hard drives (instead of performing the checksum independently on every file of...
  13. E

    PC optimizer software - looking for reviews.

    I Understand this might be a wrong thread to post this topic, but i chose it due to the connection it can have with software and system errors. I had a question About software for PC Optimization. There is a lot of it on the internet and a lot of opinions about it. I wanted to try something like...
  14. S

    How does your boss spy on your computer activity? software?

    I work at company XYZ, I just visited myspace website, 10 minutes later I get a phone call from my boss, ( who is in another city ) asking me why am I on that website and not doing work. My question is How did he know? what kind of software or spyware does this? I am starting to assemble a...
  15. julien

    Web design software

    Hello all, I am about to start learning web design (more specifically logo creation) and for this purpose am looking for a good web design software. I know there are a lot of graphics software out there (Paintshop pro, Adobe illustrator, Fireworks, etc ...) but I am not quite sure which one...
  16. M

    Need Software experts help

    I would like to create a new website for an online Live Wecasts .Today a live webcast is there just about in every place we look on the internet. Most news outlets are now using video to report their news stories in its place of print. But Since last month i am looking some live expert's help...