Moving files/adding text to files (VB/*.bat)

Dec 2012
Hi, I'm new here, this in my first ever post.

I would like to know if the was a way to move new files to a certain folder, and add text to a file that can be opened in Notepad. Using Visual Basics 2010 or a Batch (*bat) file or similar.

For example:

"*.x" files go to a folder called "xfiles"
".xli" files go to a folder called "RTR"
And since I might have 2 "*.xli" files that are the same, I need #1's text copied into #2, but only if that .xli does not exist in that folder


>> Scenes(Folder)
>>> xfiles(Folder)

>New Folder(Folder)

Now "a.xli" needs to go to "RTR", but now there is already one there?

the one in "RTR" reads "12"
and the one in "New Folder" reads "11"

now, if that is the case, I want it to then become one file and read "12"

or if the "a.xli" file does not exist in the "RTR" folder then one "a.xli" file in "New folder" must just be moved in the "RTR" folder.

and for the rest? I just need them moved to the other folders ("a.xli" to "xfiles" and "a.wav" to "RTR")

The reason I am asking for such a program, is because I play Rule The Rail a lot, and I install a lot of mods, so it will be more convenient to have such a program, than to switch between the folders and programs so often, just to get 1 item in the game.
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