Which internet and home computer Anti virus is the best?

Mar 2011
If you read reviews, past and current, you will find there really is no best.

What you will find is that there are those, both paid for, and ones that offer free versions, that constantly rank in the top 5 to 10.

Many will suggest giving several different ones a try. One at a time of course. See which one seems` to suit your PC\you the best.
Dec 2007
My favorite free antivirus software is AVG Free, but there's really no best choice and I guess it depends on your operating system, your needs (need to detect spyware, etc ...) and your tolerance to processor usage and "intrusion" (Norton Antivirus products are particularly intrusive in their most "agressive" forms).
Dec 2011
I prefer to use Quick Heal Total Security. The AVG free is not that much of powerful to protect.


Hi friends according to me you can use avast new updated antivirus ...which is really good one...
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