Which is the best Operating System(OS) in the world?

Nov 2011
I'm using Windows 7 & it is not giving the best results for me....so i will like to know which is the best OS in the world.
Dec 2007
You will need to specify what you mean by the best operating system, because it all depends on your own personal / professional computing needs. You won't need the same operating if your are a graphic designer, if you are a web host or a video games addict ...


In terms of graphic: Mac OS is best but only if you have a 128 bit or higher processor
other wise Windows is easy to use & understand & troubleshoot but still unstable & costly and also you have to buy an antivirus, MS word etc. (another weight to your pocket) .
Dec 2011
And if you want to go for free then Linux is good. And in Linux, Ubuntu Linux is more easy to understand & use, troubleshoot.

About your Windows 7, I would rather suggest to downgrade & use Windows Vista but if you can't then in Windows 7, Check for Updates daily and also mail me your problems that you are facing with Windows 7, I will be happy to help you.
Dec 2012
In my opinion Microsoft window is the best operating system. It is user friendly as well as easy to be used.