Windows 7 won't properly restore

Nov 2012
Well basically I am restoring my computer like I do every one and a while, but this time it started freaking out it is at the install page for Microsoft Office 2010 and the loading bar wouldn't load past 18/27. I left it here for like 10 hours so i know it's not working right. I also tried turning my computer off and back on again, but it just goes back to the same screen. However when I turn it back on I can hit F2 and F12 for the booting menus, but I couldn't find anything of help there. Oh and if I close my laptop and open it in switches users and I can't log back in to the only account says I don't have permission. I'm not sure what to do after that, it didn't come with a disk it's all in the computer.

I use a 64bit windows 7

Thanks for the help.